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Why PRYME Homes?

John Barr and Jonatan Barbera not only got started through partnering but they also continue to grow and do bigger deals still, through partnering!

At PRYME Homes we firmly believe that you can reach much higher heights if we work together.

The team at PRYME Homes can take everything from generating leads, taking the calls, negotiating, contracts, title work, closings, wholesaling, rehabs, rentals, flips, and lending.

Our current partnerships currently break down to two main categories Bringing The Deal or Bringing The Money.

How To Partner With PRYME

Bring The Deal

We have a two different types of partners that bring us deals in many different phases.

  1. Investors that pay for marketing - our partners are from all over the US who decided to buy homes in San Antonio. They decided to generate their own leads to maximize profits by cutting out the middleman (wholesaler/agent). In doing so they do their own marketing which ranges from online to direct mail. We step in everytime the phone rings. Being that we know the area and are really good at structuring deals, we take it all the way to close. At which point they decide whether they want to keep it for their portfolio or to sell it off to other investors that we have access to.
  2. Investors that find their own deals - we do have investors that generate their own deals and need help in the rehab side. We partner with them and bring the money and experience to flip the property. This has allowed many wholesalers be able to generate a lot more than a wholesale fee by being able to take it down and flip it.

Bring The Money

With the real estate market being so hot everywhere in the US we have seen more and more investors come to Texas to invest. The issue is that they don't know who they can do business with or which houses make sense. You can partner with us in the following:

  1. Lending- this is by far the most popular way. Many investors have the money sitting around not really providing them much of a return. We can put that money to work backed by a HARD ASSET and provide you with higher than average interest payments.
  2. Money Partner - with a money partner we actually partner on the deal. We bring the deal and experience and you bring the money. Here no interest will be paid for the money BUT you get stake in the deal. We tend to do this with people that are fine with waiting for their profits because they can potentially be higher.

Want To Learn More About Partnering With Us?

What Our Investors Have to Say:

"I've purchased two homes from PRYME in the past six months. Communication was excellent, rental, ARV and rehab numbers were transparent and accurate, and the overall transactions were made simple by their hard work. They keep respect and trust at their core. Thank you PRYME!"

Andrew Mittelstadt

Boeing 757/767 First Officer at United Airlines

"I have known Jon and John for for the last 3 years. These guys are great! I trust them wholeheartedly with my investment and look forward to continuing to do business with them in the future."

Seth Teel

Real Estate Investor, Broker, Developer

"I have worked with Pryme Homes on many different transactions in different roles.  Whether it’s presenting a deal or managing a project, Pryme communicates efficiently, always sees the job through until completion and will follow up to make sure the deal worked for you.  If you are realistic with your expectations, Pryme will deliver every time."

Jody Welchans

Pharmacist, Innovator, Investor

"Jonatan ‘Jon’ Barbera and John Barr of Pryme Homes are - simply stated - remarkable. My husband and I have completed multiple real estate transactions with the duo and what sets them apart from all other agents we have engaged with is their punctuality, communication and problem-solving abilities. John & Jon each have a unique set of skills they bring to their business partnership that compliment the others and allows for a fluid hand in hand experience that cannot be found be working with a single agent. Pryme Homes has our highest recommendation."

Katrina Mittelstadt

Boeing 737 First Officer at United Airlines

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