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Sell Your San Antonio House Now

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Sell your  Monticello Park Home
for the Right Price

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The process only takes a couple of minutes and there is absolutely no-obligation. Why not see what you can get?

Want to sell your house in Monticello Park,TX?


Because we are the only Investor/Agent company in San Antonio we can offer you traditional as well as none-traditional solutions for any of the following problems:

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    Inherited Houses
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    Vacant Houses
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    Don't want do deal with Repairs
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    Owe more than what the house is worth
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    Need to close FAST​
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    Want to stay longer*
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    We pay all fees and closing costs
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    We can list your house at the RIGHT price

*(We can buy your house and let you stay until you move out)

Want a FREE Evaluation?

 What's in the FREE Evaluation?

  1. Current value
  2. Potential Value with Updates
  3. Cost for needed updates
  4. Time frame of sale
  5. Which route will generate the most for you

How We Help In Monticello Park

We have bought and rehabbed many houses in Monticello Park as well as helped homeowners sell through more traditional means. One of the things we see the most is people struggling to keep up with rising taxes.

Most homeowners in Monticello Park have either own their homes here all of their lives or inherited the house from a relative that's owned it their whole life.

In either case the issue has been the same. Even though the house is paid-off it has been neglected for so long and the taxes have gone up so much that they can't afford to hold on to house and do the necessary repairs.

The issue with selling neglected houses is that they don't sell very well on the open market as most buyers are looking for updated turn-key houses.

By reaching out to us we offer our FREE EVALUATION of your home and show you all of your options. We are known for complete transparency so we will not leave anything out! 


How we Are different

Real estate has become the most popular path for most people to choose when they want to be "their own boss". The issue we have seen with this is that the only one that gets hurt from their inexperience is the homeowner 99% of the time. We are here to tell you that stops HERE!

We not only have the experience of having been professional real estate investors in San Antonio since 2011 we also, have over 15 years+ of construction experience. This allows us to keep our margin of error so low that we can actually afford to pay more for your house!

Our strategies vary on your needs. We have bought houses from homeowners that didn't have too much equity built in but because we're actual investors we turned them in to rentals allowing us the time for values to go up and solving the homeowners issue.

We have also, purchased houses from people where the house need so much work that they wouldn't have been able to sell to anyone else other than an investor for CASH

We've come across homeowners that could actually get more money for their house if they simply listed it with a knowledgeable real estate agent. We had one of our agents handle the whole process for them and got their homes sold for top dollar with no work needed.

Finally we have had calls from homeowner who own houses that we are simply not interested in, but because of our many years in this market we were able to put them in contact with investors that share our core values and they were able to help them.


Our Guarantee

Our number one core value at PRYME Homes is "People Before Profits". What does this mean for you? We will ALWAYS put your needs first. We are always 100% transparent with all of our intentions for your property. If we feel like your house isn't a right fit for us we will give you other solutions and help you through these solutions to make sure you're taken care of.

Our Promise

Our promise to every homeowner is that we strive to change the bad perception people have of real estate investors.


Let's Get You A Dream Offer

Definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

This company is great!! They helped my aunt and her husband sell their home quickly when they were looking to move to Houston in 2 weeks! Their team of experts were able to handle the closing process without any headaches. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

Tessa Victoria Martinez  //  San Antonio, TX

They have the mentality of putting the customer first.

The PRYME team is amazing!! They are completely transparent and unbiased when it comes to business. They have the mentality of putting he customer first. They are great people and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for their new home or even their next investment property! Contact them!

Nathaneal Resendez //  San Antonio, TX

Areas We Service

San Antonio, TX, Alamo Heights, TX, Alta Vista TX, Austin, TX, Balcones Heights, TX, Beacon Hill, TX, Cibolo, TX, Dignowity Hill, TX, Donaldson Terrace, TX, Helotes, TX, Kirby, TX, Leon Valley, TX, Midtown, TX, Monte Vista, TX, Monticello Park, TX, Northeast Park,TX, Olmos Park, TX, Riverview, TX, Schertz, TX, Shearer Hills, TX, Terrell Hills, TX, Tobin Hill, TX, Universal City, TX, Windcrest, TX, Woodlawn Lake, TX

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